Sunday, 30 December 2012

Job Hunter’s Web Guide: The Library Career Centre

This month I am honoured that one of my favourite career websites for librarians has featured The Library Career Center on their pages.

"The website profiled here is run by a person who hires librarians, a regular contributor to Friday’s Further Questions posts.  I’m always impressed by her thoughtful, nuanced answers.  I’m pleased to present The Library Career Centre, run by Nicola Franklin."

I am always impressed by Emily's dedication to developing and running the Hiring Librarian's site, and happy to formulate a response to her (or her readers') new recruitment question each week.  

Job hunting can seem like a full time occupation in its own right, with its own arcane 'rules of the game', and I believe anyone offering help, advice and support to those trying to develop their career should be applauded - particularly when they volunteer their time.