Candidate Services

Career development doesn't happen by accident.  Planning your career, attending to your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and job hunting all take time, effort and commitment.

"Great careers are built upon hundreds of thousands of small efforts, undertaken daily, that eventually grow into a series of satisfying wins." The Career Lab

The Library Career Centre can support you and help you reach your full potential.  Career coaching is a relatively new concept, but what is is (and isn't!) is described very well by The Grapevine.

Registering for recruitment services and the process through to successfully starting in a new role is totally free and not dependent on using any of the career coaching services.  To register please email your CV.

Career coaching services that we offer for individuals seeking to develop their career potential include:

A Skills Audit – Analysing the skills you have gained from each role, and promoting those, is key to evaluating your career direction and to securing a new role.  A Skills Audit will support you in this process and give you a report of your key skills for use in drafting CVs, filling out application forms or preparing for interviews.

Review of the job market - What kinds of roles are being recruited for in the current market, and what attributes employers have been looking for (that don't always make it onto the official advert/job description!).  Where are the best places to look for vacancies?  A Job Market Review will help you locate the best roles to apply for. 

Career Matching – How do you decide where the fit lies between your skills & experience, plus your requirements (salary, location, organisation culture, etc), and the types of roles that are on the market at the moment? We can help you evaluate the career direction you would like to take and narrow down which roles will help you achieve your goals.


Review and Critique of your CV - It can be hard to decide how best to present your experience and skills to take full advantage of the roles you've had, in order to secure the maximum number of interviews.  Two levels of service are offered to support you in preparing the best possible CV;

 1. A review of your existing CV and provision of a report You fill out a simple worksheet giving information on your skills and career goals.   We review your CV in light of this information and provide a report suggesting improvements in layout, content, style, section or bullet point order and language so your CV better matches your goals.   


2. A CV writing service. We review your existing CV and also carry out an in-depth interview with you.  We gain a full understanding of the skills and attributes you have to offer an employer as well as a clear appreciation of your career goals and aspirations.
We then re-write your CV using the most appropriate type of CV (skill based vs chronological, for example) and most effective layout, style and content to ensure you secure the maximum possible number of interviews.  


**Where an option of Graduate or Professional is offered, Graduate is available to those either pre-qualification or within 1 year of gaining their Masters in an information-related qualification.
Interview Coaching – On offer are two services:
1. Interview Critique A 1 hour, one-to-one, session of interview advice and tips tailored to your background, personality and job goals.
The first 30 minutes is spent assessing your experience, skills, interpersonal and communication skills and self-presentation style.  The second 30 minutes is dedicated to providing you with detailed feedback on your interview performance, in a constructive critique designed to help you improve your interview style and help you with framing positive answers to those tricky questions.

Interview Critique available for £95.00.

2. Mock Interview A role-play of an interview for a specific job, with feedback on your performance and advice on areas to improve before the big day.
Initial briefing conversation to discuss your CV and the job description of the role you are applying for, followed by a meeting to conduct the mock-interview.  We provide an immediate, face to face, constructive critique of your interview performance. You then receive a written report within 24 hours highlighting areas to improve, which may include: 
  • body language,
  • personal presentation,
  • pace or style of language,
  • length/detail of your answers,
  • answers to particular questions,
  • suggested questions to ask.
Mock Interview available for £120.00

If any of these situations apply to you, you could benefit from our career search coaching services: 
  • you want to change career direction
  • you have worked in a series of contracts and are now seeking a permanent post
  • you have been working for one organisation for many years
  • you have gap(s) in your career history
  • you are unsure what your key skills are, or how to present them effectively
  • you keep getting offered interviews but are always being pipped at the post
  • you are applying for lots of jobs but getting few interviews

These services can be offered on a face-to-face basis or otherwise over skype, email or telephone.

For a no-obligation initial chat about our services or which option is best for you, email or call (07501 525 751).