Friday, 29 July 2011

Why Invest in Career Coaching?

Factors Impacting Your Job Hunting Success
Developing your career can be a job in itself.

It is a job that calls for its own specailised set of skills - unfortunately they aren't skills that are taught at school!

Analysing your skills, identifying your key skill set, communicating your skills and match to a vacancy effectively in a CV or on an application form, performing well in an interview, giving an effective presentation at a second round interview - these can all be daunting tasks.  Where do you start? 

Working with a career coach will help you in a huge range of areas. A career coach gives a more independant viewpoint than friends or colleagues. A career coach will help you:
  • Carry out a skills analysis and identify your key strengths
  • Assess which of the roles currently on the market are best matched to the skills and experience you've gained so far
  • Clarify your career direction and job requirements
  • Establish clear goals and plan a route to get there
Career coaching will also:
  • Give you a CV review and critique, tailored to both the library & information sector and to your own preferences
  • Provide individual interview coaching
  • Give you mock interview practice and feedback on your performance
  • Review any presentations you are asked to prepare, act as a 'test audience' and give you suggestions to improve content or style 
  • Act as a 'critical friend' and sounding board for your ideas
It need not be expensive, and you may not need support in all of these areas, all the time.  One of the great benefits of career coaching is that you can 'pick and mix' the different options and book one 1 hour session, one CV review, or a series of sessions including skills analysis, CV critique and interview coaching - the choice is yours.

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