Monday, 1 August 2011

The Job Hunting Process

There are many steps to the job hunting process.

A successful job hunt may be defined as one which culminates in you getting offered a job which is genuinely a good fit for you.  A 'good fit' may refer to the organisation culture, to the opportunities for advancement the role offers, or to the new skills you will learn one the job.

How do you make sure that you have a successful job hunt, rather than risk ending up in a job you hate, or working for an organisation or manager that makes you feel despondant or frustrated?

Working through the steps on the job hunting pyramid illustrated will give you a head start.

Many people find the first step, self assessment, the most daunting, however.  Exploring the employment environment can also be taxing, especially if you have previously worked solely within one organisation or one sector of the profession.  Where do you start?

Working with a career coach can help you analyse your skills, evaluate your values, think through your interests and strengths.  Working with someone who is also experienced in the information industry means you can tap into valuable advice and insights on the types of roles available in the various sectors of the profession.

Moving up the pyramid, a coach can also help you draft a really effective CV, or give you tailored interview tips that fit the type of roles you are applying for.

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