Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Information Conferences 2012

Here are just a selection of the forthcoming library  & information sector conferences:

Also not to be forgotten, LibcampLS is on in a couple of days:

For a good selection of international conferences (USA and Global) check out this page:  or this one:

If you know of any more, or are involved in organising a conference or other event, please add the details in a comment.


  1. Charles Oppenheim24 May 2012 at 02:51

    Two events you seem to have overlooked (apologies if they ARE covered) - Northampton University's Library Research conference on 19 June, and the DREAM Conference on 9 July - see


    1. Hi Charles

      Thank you very much for commenting, and adding two extra events I hadn't spotted.

      Interesting that they didn't come up in searches (on Google and Twitter) for 'library conferences', 'information professional conferences' or 'knowledge management conferences', etc, that I used.

      Does anyone have links to any others that I've missed out?